Friday, April 2, 2010

Somerset dreaming

So I got an email today asking if I "want to get published?" Somerset Studio's deadline for their Halloween issue is April 15th and they want Halloween art that is elegant, sophisticated and timeless. I'm intrigued. So, I've been surfing the web and enjoying some eye candy. Like here at My Artful Adventures. Gorgeous jewelry and some very interesting mixed media pieces. I've been cruising over at Flickr and I really liked the photos of the ATC Treasures.

And I'm still obsessed with inchies and this is a very practical little art project that I think I could handle. There is a little apple inchie that looks beaded and I've got an image of a little beaded pumpkin in my head. We'll see what happens.

This is teeny little blog post, really just a nice digital journal of my ideas and thoughts this afternoon. Better go back to the real world and get the baby out of the crib and make dinner!

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20Birds said...

timeless halloween art would have me intrigued also, but you have such a sense of class and quirkiness... you can do this...
and what a bombshell to drop into a blog i think this is worthy of a HA blogpost, seriously, Melly there are chapters on this oppty... right??? i am excited, this feel from the sky gurly into your lap, and i am so excited

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