Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Ok, so this is REALLY late, but Donna Miller tagged me back in May and I just now am updating my blog!!! Of course, I have a pretty good excuse - just had a baby on June 1st! (see pic!) But, here is the drill - I was tagged and now I need to tell the rules -
1. List your tagger and the rules (check!)
2. List seven facts about yourself (some weird and random)
3. Tag seven people and list their blogs (hope I know seven people!)

Seven Facts:
1. I am the youngest child (of five) in my family
2. My favorite snack is "figs and almonds" (can't have one without the other!)
3. I have two basset hounds
4. I live in Michigan
5. My favorite color is orange
6. I am horrible at sports (except running)
7. I love love love to watch hockey! (Go Red Wings!)

Seven blogs
1. Mariquita
2. Beth (20birds)
3. Kelsey
4. kewljive (I didn't tag Beth, she's got a lot going on right now! Send her some loving thoughts!)
5. Cate
6. Helen
7. Stephanie

And here's my darling baby boy - Brendan! Born June 1, 2008. (a whopping 10 lbs and 12 oz!!!)

These are a few of my favorite things...