Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Month Resolutions - August 2007

So, today is July 31st and that means that tomorrow is the last month of summer - WHEN did summers start going by so quickly?!? I've only been to my neighborhood pool ONCE so far this summer and we bought a pool pass!!! Luckily, my dh takes my ds a couple of nights a week after dinner so I can do some digi-scrapping so the passes weren't a COMPLETE waste of money! ;) I intend to take ds to the pool once a week starting TOMORROW! This is one of my New Month Resolutions! I have decided to start new and fresh in August! (and will probably have some New Month Resolutions in September too if these work out! ;) )

So, without further ado, here are my New Month Resolutions for the month of August, 2007:

1. Go to the pool once a week

2. Work out three times a week (an oldie, but a goodie!)

3. Comment more in the galleries I post layouts to (Scrapartist, Scrapbookgraphics and DST and maybe go back to Scrapbook-bytes again.)

4. Participate in one contest per week from Scrapbookgraphics, and Scrapartist AND do either the Hodge Podge challenge OR the Digidare challenge every week.

5. Try to get back to completing one layout per day

6. Make dinner five days a week!!!! (that's a big one!)

I think that's PLENTY!

To help me with resolution #3 (more commenting in layout galleries), I am participating in contests at DST and at SBG for the most posts. I won June's contest at SBG with over 1900 comments for the month of June but that will be impossible for me to replicate! My personal goal is to comment on 24 layouts per day at each site. That's a LOT, but should help keep me inspired to create my own layouts!

So, that's the skinny here.

Oh, and here are a couple of layouts from this week:

and this one:

Credits here and here

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Couple of layouts

So, my dh was traveling this week and it was kind of a nightmare. I thought it would be wise to have some family come over to help entertain my 2 year old so I could get some alone time and that worked like a charm on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday were not so great, but that is solely my fault since I was the genius who thought an eight year old would be a BIG help. What was I thinking? She's my darling niece who I love soo much but let's face it, at eight years old she's not gonna be much help for very long! To top it off, I decided to have her sleep over and with no spare bedroom and my dh gone, I thought she could share the king size bed with me. Unfortunately, she managed to fall off the bed at 2am and then I couldn't get her back to sleep until 4am. Phew, I'm pooped!

Well, I managed to do a couple of layouts somehow and here they are:

This one is actually animated and you can see the animation by clicking here (credits are there also). It was for the Hawt Mama Challenge on Traci Reed's team blog. The challenge was to scrap about a "first", to use something you bought in the last 4 weeks, use different fonts and use glitter.

The second layout is another challenge layout - this time for the Digidares. The challenge was to scrap about what "they think" about you and about your truth. Also to use 3 fonts/alphas and glitter.

Credits are here.

Have a great week!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Canoodling and Kaboodling

I'm here to canoodle you into kaboodling. (ca-noo-dle v. tr. To win over or convince by cajoling or flattering; wheedle: "his matchless ability to charm, bamboozle, or canoodle most of his political associates")
See, I've recently become addicted to Kaboodle. Addicted to shopping/browsing the digi-scrapping boutiques and expanding my own wanton wishlist and addicted to carousing the Kaboodle lists of other digi-scrappers. What a fantastic source of inspiration for me!

And, I admit, I am enchanted by the whole shopping-list-collecting frenzy - by the idea that a shopping list is a peek into a person's private thoughts and world. So, I voyeuristically (in the purest sense of "observing", "seeing" and "watching") peruse the Kaboodle lists of digi-scrappers that I admire. (Angela Powers, Wellidesigns, twentytinytoes, angelbq, ditzyscrap and many more). I get a rush of shopping joy when I get to see what THEY have on THEIR wishlists...AND I also have discovered that I enjoy seeing what their most recent purchases have been, sooooo, I added that category to my OWN Kaboodle.

And without further ado, here is the latest sampling of things that I have purchased, and I'm even going to include my thought process in selecting these delicious items:

(Let me begin by saying that I am on a bit of a budget this month, since I blew through my paypal account in record time last month! Having said that, I am quite pleased with my purchases, they are unique and extremely versatile. Bargain-hunters - pay attention!)

I hit Sophia Sarducci's shop first since I am in awe of her beads and am on a bit of a bead-binge right now. I picked up these lovelies for only $2!!! (and available for a limited time, I might add!)

While shopping for the above beads, I noticed these sparkly little foil accents in the "other items people purchased" category and since I have admired the foily accents on some other scrappers' layouts recently, I could not resist for only 2 more dollars:

And I checked out the "cheap-o-rama" section for a bit of a laugh, but was immediately drawn to these exceedingly realistic and unique bows that were only $1 And lastly, I must include this item from Pixel Gypsy Designs. I freely admit that this item was free for me because I am lucky enough to be a Guest CT, but I can truthfully say that I would have bought this anyway because it's s0-dang cute and also a BARGAIN at only $1.85

So, there are some fun items I bought today and put on my Kaboodle list! Go and peruse the Kaboodles of YOUR favorite digiscrapper and link me up!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy 45th Anniversary Merlin and Thorwald! (July 21, 2007)

Tomorrow is my parents' 45th wedding anniversary and this is the first year of joint retirement for them! My dad retired a while ago, but my mom retired this year, so they are beginning their "golden years!" They've already been on a trip to Yellowstone this summer and are starting to get in the groove of daily life together. Happy Anniversary mom & dad - we love you!

(Credits are here)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday thoughts

Just checking into blog-land to put some thoughts into cyber-space. Declan and I are enjoying our week. These are the days that I get down on my knees and thank God that I am able to stay home to be with Declan. We have played at home, in our own backyard, gone on playdates, visited family, had family visit us, gone to the pool AND I managed to clean the whole house (floors too!) AND do the grocery shopping! What a week! I managed to make a couple of layouts but I've been feeling a little less than inspired lately. Maybe real-life is too engrossing right now! LOL I better get some scrapping done before I get my hands on the latest Harry Potter! Can't wait! When Declan was a baby, I read about five books (700 pages each) a week. I was obsessed. I read while I nursed, while he napped and after he went to bed. It was a little nutso and I haven't read much at all in the past six months (since I stopped nursing - LOL). I feel like I burnt out on reading. Now that the latest Harry Potter is about to be released, I am sooo looking forward to it! Hooray for books! Ok, that's enough blathering. Here's a couple of layouts from this week:

Credits Here

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stuff - new layout, and a hooray for my dh!

Sooo, I made a new layout, it's called Funday and it's about our family Sundays. Brian likes to "do" things on the weekend. He's not content unless we can say we "did" something. A weekend lounging around at home is NOT satisfying to my dh (*sigh*). Sooo, in the interest of marital bliss, we DO things on Sundays. Festivals, museums, zoos, art galleries, parties (*my favorite*), you name it, we do it!!! It's EXhausting, but EXhilirating too! So, last Sunday we went to the Children's Museum in Ann Arbor (we're members, of course...) and it was a blast! I had my new camera (yay) and because it wasn't the first time that we had been there, we (read: Brian) didn't feel like we had to see EVERY exhibit! So, here's the layout:

credits HERE
In other news, my dh came home from work today and asked me if i had checked my email. I absentmindedly replied "no". Declan and I had had a VERY busy day (*wink*). Playdate and lunch with Macy and Laurie, a visit at my parents' house and then my Aunt Merrie stopped by for a little bit with her two kids and then Aunt Kathy came over and I cooked dinner. (Yes, busy, but still very FUN, thus the *wink*.) Anyhoo, after dinner, I asked Brian if he had sent me an email and if I should go check it. He said yes, so I begged him to just tell me what it said, but he stubbornly refused. So I ran upstairs to check the email and discovered that he had received word that he got the promotion that we had been waiting for him to get!!! HOORAY! He found out at like 8am so I have NO idea how he managed to keep his mouth shut all day - I talked to him MULTIPLE times throughout the day - LOL, that's a man for you I guess! hee hee I'm SUPER excited for him and very proud! He's a good man and a good provider - thank goodness!

Have a great rest of the week!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Latest layout

Man, I love my new camera, but I cannot seem to get my stuff together enough to scrap any new pics! (I just got the Canon Digital Rebel XTI and the 17-85mm IS USM lens - L-O-V-E them!) So, I've taken hundreds of pics in the last week but I have only scrapped like TWO of the photos from that lens! What is wrong with me?!? Well, I'm posting my latest layout, even though I'm not 100% happy with it. Ok, so, truth is I'm not really even 50% happy but I just want to MOVE ON, ya know? (Personally, I think that I am incapable of completing a purple layout that I love...now, the question is, is it me or the color purple?!? LOL)

So, here's a layout starring my little guy playing the garden.

Credits - Green paper and stitches by Jessica Bolton, Template and Beauty Mark by Two Sisters Design, Alpha by Amber Clegg, Tag by Sausan/Amy Martin collab kit, Ribbon by Sherrie Piegdon

Have a great week!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Stuff I want to buy NOW

I am in the mood for beads, baubles and lots of stitching! I've been admiring Artist Trading Cards lately - got the most incredible book called 1000 Artist Trading Cards and there are so many cute cards that have hand-stitched edges and lots of seed beads glued on. I'm dying to re-create the look on some of my layouts, so I'm on the hunt. Here are a couple of things I found today that I want to buy:

Products are Seeing Stars by Corina Nielsen at funky playground designs, Decorative Stitching by Ronna Penner at scrapadelic and the last one is just a fun kit by Heather Ann Designs called Art of Play

First Post

So, my blogging journey continues...what started as a little blog to showcase my digital scrapbook layouts to my friends family has expanded and now I have decided that I need a blog just for the digital scrapbook world. A place to journal, to share layouts, ideas, shopping and maybe some freebies too! Enjoy! TTY soon!

These are a few of my favorite things...