Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stuff - new layout, and a hooray for my dh!

Sooo, I made a new layout, it's called Funday and it's about our family Sundays. Brian likes to "do" things on the weekend. He's not content unless we can say we "did" something. A weekend lounging around at home is NOT satisfying to my dh (*sigh*). Sooo, in the interest of marital bliss, we DO things on Sundays. Festivals, museums, zoos, art galleries, parties (*my favorite*), you name it, we do it!!! It's EXhausting, but EXhilirating too! So, last Sunday we went to the Children's Museum in Ann Arbor (we're members, of course...) and it was a blast! I had my new camera (yay) and because it wasn't the first time that we had been there, we (read: Brian) didn't feel like we had to see EVERY exhibit! So, here's the layout:

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In other news, my dh came home from work today and asked me if i had checked my email. I absentmindedly replied "no". Declan and I had had a VERY busy day (*wink*). Playdate and lunch with Macy and Laurie, a visit at my parents' house and then my Aunt Merrie stopped by for a little bit with her two kids and then Aunt Kathy came over and I cooked dinner. (Yes, busy, but still very FUN, thus the *wink*.) Anyhoo, after dinner, I asked Brian if he had sent me an email and if I should go check it. He said yes, so I begged him to just tell me what it said, but he stubbornly refused. So I ran upstairs to check the email and discovered that he had received word that he got the promotion that we had been waiting for him to get!!! HOORAY! He found out at like 8am so I have NO idea how he managed to keep his mouth shut all day - I talked to him MULTIPLE times throughout the day - LOL, that's a man for you I guess! hee hee I'm SUPER excited for him and very proud! He's a good man and a good provider - thank goodness!

Have a great rest of the week!

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mariquita said...

WOW, congrats on your hubby's promotion!!!! ;)
And yoru page rocks!!! very fun and fresh, and he really looks like he had a great time...well, all of you!!! ;)
Clap clap clap ;)
Hugs & kisses dear friend

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