Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pics - Through 3/20!

I'm catching up again.

This is Brendan sitting in his high chair at dinner yesterday. I had just cut the front of his bangs because they were driving me nuts - kinda stringy and yucky. I thought he looked so angelic sitting there...

Yes, another pic of Brendan playing with doors. Will the obsession ever end?

We had another nice day on Wednesday, so during Brendan's nap, Declan and I went outside and drew on the sidewalk with chalk. This is Declan standing in front of "himself". I traced his body and we colored it in. He wrote his own name and was soo proud!

St Patrick's Day was gorgeous here. Declan and I called it our "preview of summer". We were outside A LOT! Here's Declan enjoying his swing in the backyard.

The 16th was nice so we went for a "family walk" after dinner. It has been our tradition to do that forever! (at least when the weather is nice enough). Even before we had kids, Brian and I liked to go for walks together after dinner with the dogs. Now that Declan is bigger, he rides his little bike. Brendan LOVES it. And gets very excited when Declan and his bike go whizzing by. I can't WAIT for summer! :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

I Heart Faces Week 10

This is my first entry at I Heart Faces - Beth (kewljive) had the link on her site, and I just love the idea of a challenge for photography. This week's entry had to GREEN themed in honor of St Patrick's Day. This is my Declan all greened up for the St Patty's Day Parade yesterday. Be sure to check out all the entries at

Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 14 and March 15

Yesterday was gorgeous here - almost 50 degrees, sunny - beautiful! So, Brian and I took both boys to the zoo. It was heavenly to get outside with the boys and stretch our legs. This pic is of Declan - just thinking about the animals, I guess. He wants to work at the zoo when he grows up. He promises that I will get to hold ALL the baby animals when they are born AND I will be able to ride a hippo! Sounds fantastic to me.

Today was even more beautiful, so we went downtown to the Corktown St. Patrick's Day Parade. It was fun! I painted Declan's face - so cute. We had a great time - spent about an hour and a half there and then came home. I love that we are so close to downtown (and the zoo!)

Friday, March 13, 2009

March 13, 2009

Today was a good day. Declan's gymnastics at 9:45, then off to the mall to buy him some new shoes. We went to my favorite mall - Somerset - and to my favorite store - Nordstrom's. Fancy, fancy, fancy. I haven't been there in a looong time but I had budgeted for Declan's shoes and lunch, so off we went. Got the shoes (and a balloon, thank you very much) and off to the little Cafe. Declan and I both had grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato basil soup - yum. Brendan enjoyed our view from the window seat and behaved like a perfect little gentleman. Then we did a little "window shopping" in the ladies' shoe department - fabulous. Then home. I dragged out some old toys of Declan's that were in the basement (see the castle there?) and we made a huge mess on the living room floor playing pirates and knights. Brendan played too. This shot is when Declan was talking on the phone to Brian. When he saw the camera, he hammed it up. Precious. It was a very good day.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Early March pics through today - March 12

Ok, I admit (mostly to myself) that these pics are not in order but they are the rest of the March pics through today....I feel so sloppy because I haven't been posting each day and haven't been taking the time to format the photos with a date on them. Having said that, I am really excited about this 365 project (still) and looking forward to looking BACK at an entire year's worth of pictures. I'm sure that I won't care that I posted March 5th's picture after I posted March 8th's pic - I'll just be happy to have all these little snapshots of this year. Ok - moving on:

Here, Declan and Sophie are at it again in their facepaing. Sophie wanted to be a superhero, but she would not tell me her identity. Declan was a superhero named "Angel" who had a laserbeam for an eyeball. Very exciting stuff! He also had on my headband, a vampire cape and Star Wars Underoos OVER his pants.

Brendan - laughing. He has such a precious laugh and is such a sweet baby. God certainly blessed me with this one.

Declan in his room. I "fantasied" the photo up a little to reflect the mood that I feel when I look at this picture - very dreamy, very point-in-time-ish. Soon, he will be all grown up and I am lucky to capture these moments.

This is Brendan in my favorite room - Declan's. The light streams in from his windows in the morning and it is simply gorgeous in there. Brendan loves it there too. I say that it is because of the painted fish on the walls, but I bet it's because it is Declan's room, plain and simple.

Here is Brendan practicing his new skill - up and down the little step in our landing. He was just learning how when we had this little photo shoot and wouldn't do it for the video camera either but now he is an old pro.

And just a blurry, but close-up shot of my darling Brendan's big blue eyes. Love him.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm slipping....

Things are getting crazy - I'm obviously not posting religiously. I AM taking pics like crazy, but not editing them promptly and then posting them online. Why? Plain and simple procrastination. For example, tonight I found myself in Lightroom editing pics of my dogs going back to 2001. (Why?!? LOL)

Also, FB has been really a time-stealer. I knew I should have given it up for Lent! I am going to have to set up some rules for myself - no FB until I post my pics, or else!

Anyhoo - Here are three more -all of Brendan!div> We've had some nice weather recently. One day even got up close to seventy degrees! It was a tiny slice of heaven and we made the most of it. We went for a walk, Declan rode his bike and then we played in the backyard - LOTS. Here is Brendan enjoying himself on our swing in the backyard.
This is my little guy at a birthday party for my cousin. So sweet

And here is Brendan again, looking out the window. He was just desperate to get out there again, but the weather was not quite as nice. (Still, it's getting warmer and I can feel that spring is right around the corner - hooray!)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Three more pics - through today!

I'm finally caught up! Hooray!

This is a pic of my son with his girlie friend after their playdate and some facepainting. Of course, Declan was not interested in anything but a vampire with his full face painted. Luckily, Sophie could not be talked into being a vampire princess - she stuck to the regular princess and I bet her mom is glad!
This was the night before last. As I was heading up to bed, I realized that I hadn't taken a single picture all day, so I grabbed my camera and took a few pics of my pretty Christmas cactus. It didn't bloom for two full years and this year it has bloomed twice. Go figure! Must have something to do with global warming...LOL

And this is Brendan, again in Declan's room. I just love that you can see the movement of his arms - the blur is awesome in my opinion! And check out his cheeks! What a chunk!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Colorful days

The last bunch of pictures that I've taken have been in Declan's room. It is a very very colorful room - we painted it bright aqua and stenciled a kaleidoscope of fishes on the walls. We spend a lot of time playing in there and that's why there are so many pics in there I guess.

This is my hubby playing on the bed with Declan. I love his smile here. Sometimes it's hard to capture his true expressions on film - he tends to do a cheesy fake smile whenever he spots a camera - LOL!

This is Brendan "cruising" along Declan's bed. It is just the perfect height for him to grab. One more reason to love his big brother's room!

And another shot of Brendan in Declan's room. Holding onto a cherished possession - a balloon. We get balloons once a week at their swimming lessons and both boys really love those darn things!

These are a few of my favorite things...