Thursday, March 12, 2009

Early March pics through today - March 12

Ok, I admit (mostly to myself) that these pics are not in order but they are the rest of the March pics through today....I feel so sloppy because I haven't been posting each day and haven't been taking the time to format the photos with a date on them. Having said that, I am really excited about this 365 project (still) and looking forward to looking BACK at an entire year's worth of pictures. I'm sure that I won't care that I posted March 5th's picture after I posted March 8th's pic - I'll just be happy to have all these little snapshots of this year. Ok - moving on:

Here, Declan and Sophie are at it again in their facepaing. Sophie wanted to be a superhero, but she would not tell me her identity. Declan was a superhero named "Angel" who had a laserbeam for an eyeball. Very exciting stuff! He also had on my headband, a vampire cape and Star Wars Underoos OVER his pants.

Brendan - laughing. He has such a precious laugh and is such a sweet baby. God certainly blessed me with this one.

Declan in his room. I "fantasied" the photo up a little to reflect the mood that I feel when I look at this picture - very dreamy, very point-in-time-ish. Soon, he will be all grown up and I am lucky to capture these moments.

This is Brendan in my favorite room - Declan's. The light streams in from his windows in the morning and it is simply gorgeous in there. Brendan loves it there too. I say that it is because of the painted fish on the walls, but I bet it's because it is Declan's room, plain and simple.

Here is Brendan practicing his new skill - up and down the little step in our landing. He was just learning how when we had this little photo shoot and wouldn't do it for the video camera either but now he is an old pro.

And just a blurry, but close-up shot of my darling Brendan's big blue eyes. Love him.

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20Birds said...

oh they are all amazing,really... i remember jenni's roomwhen she was a baby wasa favorite because of the morning light and because of the mural we had painted... a pot of gold but not gold a pot of hearts at the end of a rainbow with a bright sun... i think the teal of the walls in his roommake it a dreamy kind of room

These are a few of my favorite things...