Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Colorful days

The last bunch of pictures that I've taken have been in Declan's room. It is a very very colorful room - we painted it bright aqua and stenciled a kaleidoscope of fishes on the walls. We spend a lot of time playing in there and that's why there are so many pics in there I guess.

This is my hubby playing on the bed with Declan. I love his smile here. Sometimes it's hard to capture his true expressions on film - he tends to do a cheesy fake smile whenever he spots a camera - LOL!

This is Brendan "cruising" along Declan's bed. It is just the perfect height for him to grab. One more reason to love his big brother's room!

And another shot of Brendan in Declan's room. Holding onto a cherished possession - a balloon. We get balloons once a week at their swimming lessons and both boys really love those darn things!

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20Birds said...

the picture of DH rocks... Tony is our photographer so we have virtually no record of him in our meaningful family events... so i am always thrilled when i get a great shot of him...

These are a few of my favorite things...