Friday, February 27, 2009

Holy procrastinator Batman!

Wow - I have been horrible at posting lately! Here are pics from February 20 through February 26. Just one day behind! LOL

Poser! This 365 thing has really increased Declan's interest in all things photographic...he has started asking to take pictures with the little Elph (not the Rebel, thank goodness), he has been taking lots more pictures with his OWN camera (Fisher Price digital) and he has been POSING for me. This is a pose of his own creation - priceless!

Brendan's latest accomplishment is pulling himself up on any piece of furniture. He is so proud of himself!

Just a cute, quick pic of my baby. As usual, he was getting ready to MOVE!

Glowing ears - Declan spends a lot of time climbing on the foot of his bed and sitting there. He just loves it there. Unfortunately, there are two windows next to him and I can never get a good shot. I know this, but he does not and insists on asking me to take his picture while there. This time, I told him that his ears were going to glow if I did that and he laughed so hard. When I showed him the picture, he was delighted!

I'm cheating here, because clearly, I did not take this picture. My three (almost four) year old took it with our little digital Elph. It was the only picture taken that day - oops!

My sweetie - on certain Sundays, after church, we go to brunch at what my son calls the "breakfast bar". On this Sunday, I tried to get a cute pic of Brian but he was sitting next to the windows so it wasn't a great pic. It was a great day though.

This is Brendan's sleepy face. He rubs his little nose when he's tired. So cute.


20Birds said...

so the comment you left on my blog cracked me up ... totally made my evening... my kids watch the Perfect Storm and still believe they all made it alive... well Declan has a heart that you have to love i have decided... I needed the laugh... as i am making a tutu for a french play that is, you guessed it... tomorrow. We babysat a little guy last night that is the younger version of Brendan.. and my last thought on the photo you werent thrilled with, but the day was great... sometimes they are the photos we love the most down the road... thanks melinda, your visit to my blog cheered me up and i really enjoyed your post

Chreamps said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one behind!

Love the pictures and it's so neat that Declan has taken an interest in photography - such a cute pose, too!

Those dimples on your baby - so adorable!

Love looking at your photo's, takes me back to when my son was little.

Hope this post makes it, as I've been having trouble making comments on blogs lately?

Have a great week!

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