Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Binder Park Zoo pics (1st batch of pics)

Sooo, we went to another zoo, this time in Battle Creek, about two hours from our home. What can I say? Declan LOVES zoos and we are on a mission to capitalize on and encourage that passion. I can honestly say that it was worth the drive. It was wonderful and fun and just the right size for a family with small children. We fed giraffes! That was amazing. The animals were up close. The habitats were naturalistic and the exhibits were engaging, informative and interesting. We had such a good time!
I'm still super behind on photo uploading. The zoo trip was on 9/18! ooops

This little baby giraffe was only a couple of months old!

Brendan and Declan fed the giraffes lettuce. Brendan was sticking out his tongue after to show what the giraffes did! (too cute)

Brian carried Brendan in a backpack for much of the zoo and that helped keep Brendan happy. It's much easier to see what the big people are looking at when you are up high too. And we've certainly found that most zoo exhibits are built for viewing by adults (which is strange to us since we believe that zoos are for children primarily)

Cutest drinking fountains ever:

Another adorable drinking fountain:

Binder Park Zoo pics (more pictures)

How cute is this lemur? He was soooo close to us!

White peacock:

They had a carousel, it was new, about three years old and it was incredible! Just stunning animals and the colors were so vibrant. Really really cool.

The pathway of flags was stunning:

And the signs on our way to the African safari experience (which was fabulous)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Saying goodbye to summer

How did it become the middle of September so quickly? I am flabbergasted!
It's September 18th today? Really?!? Holy cow! We still have tomatoes growing in the backyard. I still think we should be wearing shorts every day. But I have to check the weather each morning and close the windows at night when we go to bed. I can't take for granted that the weather will be warm. I mean, Declan has been wearing long sleeves and pants for pajamas and Brendan has been wearing zippered/footed jammies to bed - it's cold at night, people! Declan started school and we have been adjusting to the new schedule. M,W,F from 12 - 3. It's kind of dream come true for me since Brendan naps the whole time that Declan is at school. I've been trying to work-out and scrapbook and clean the house and do laundry and plan dinner and organize and print pictures and do every single thing that has been on my to-do-list for sooo long. Three hours, three times a week - all to's amazing, and overwhelming.

Ok, picture-time:

Pics of Brendan, from today. He was standing up, opening and closing the doors on the tv/entertainment center (a favorite activity). The third pic is him saying "cheese":

During Brendan's impromptu photo shoot, Declan was in the bathroom, doing his, "ahem", business and I snapped this, ambush-style. He was thorougly amused:

This week saw us going on "adventures" every night. We would walk to a park or drive to a park and play after dinner, before bed. On Tuesday night, we went to the local grade school's park and the boys enjoyed "running the bases" on the baseball diamond:

And then enjoying the playground:

Last weekend, Brian cut down a bunch of tree limbs that were hanging over our house. He thoroughly enjoyed himself, climbing on the roof, using rope and saws...and Declan thought it looked like GREAT FUN, so he did his best to emulate his he is climbing a little ladder and throwing a rope over the "limb"...

And, last but not least, Declan started school "officially" on Friday, September 11th (a date which fills me with sadness). But he was so excited to start school and he's such a good student....

And check out the mini-me:

These are a few of my favorite things...