Friday, February 27, 2009

Holy procrastinator Batman!

Wow - I have been horrible at posting lately! Here are pics from February 20 through February 26. Just one day behind! LOL

Poser! This 365 thing has really increased Declan's interest in all things photographic...he has started asking to take pictures with the little Elph (not the Rebel, thank goodness), he has been taking lots more pictures with his OWN camera (Fisher Price digital) and he has been POSING for me. This is a pose of his own creation - priceless!

Brendan's latest accomplishment is pulling himself up on any piece of furniture. He is so proud of himself!

Just a cute, quick pic of my baby. As usual, he was getting ready to MOVE!

Glowing ears - Declan spends a lot of time climbing on the foot of his bed and sitting there. He just loves it there. Unfortunately, there are two windows next to him and I can never get a good shot. I know this, but he does not and insists on asking me to take his picture while there. This time, I told him that his ears were going to glow if I did that and he laughed so hard. When I showed him the picture, he was delighted!

I'm cheating here, because clearly, I did not take this picture. My three (almost four) year old took it with our little digital Elph. It was the only picture taken that day - oops!

My sweetie - on certain Sundays, after church, we go to brunch at what my son calls the "breakfast bar". On this Sunday, I tried to get a cute pic of Brian but he was sitting next to the windows so it wasn't a great pic. It was a great day though.

This is Brendan's sleepy face. He rubs his little nose when he's tired. So cute.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

It was a face painting week...

This is from today. Just a quick snap of me and my little guy right before his preschool's Beach day. I put the camera on some books on the coffee table and used the timer. I've noticed that I take a LOT of my daily pics while the baby is napping. I will have to change that and give Brendan more face time...

We busted out the face painting kit from Halloween. Yesterday Declan was a cheetah.

This is his vampire face paint. He has a little cape and runs around pretending to be a vampire - but a GOOD one, not a bad one.

And this was the superhero day. He wore a red cape and carried a little hockey stick as his sword. He painted my face that day too - I had green "polka dots" all over my face - yikes!

And finally, a picture of the baby. He is always crawling, crawling, crawling and it's hard to get him in good light. He is just learning to pull himself up on furniture so I'm hoping the "standing but not walking" stage will result in some good photos!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

All Caught Up

My husband always buys me roses on Valentine's day - these are just gorgeous. They start out sort of peachy and then bloom to a bright pinkish red. I bought him cologne. We bought Declan Star Wars under-roos (he is THRILLED). And we forgot to buy the baby ANYTHING! Thank goodness he doesn't get it yet! :)

This is from yesterday, February 13th. Brendan goes hauling down the hallway to Declan's room every chance he gets. He loves it in there. Here he is, entering his favorite place on earth. It's like Disneyworld for him!

And this is my little pumpkin lumpkin from February 12th. Just sitting in his jammies before bed...playing in his own room for once!

Happy Valentines Day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

It was a Sophie day...

And on to yesterday - February 11th. I could NOT pick just one picture. My son has a standing playdate on Wednesdays with his BFF Sophie. She is a kick, to be sure. These are some of the pics from their "date". Dancing, dancing and playing Star Wars Lego on the Wii. My poor baby Brendan was trying desperately to be part of the action!

Catching up...

February 6th - Looking alike:

This may not be the best shot of both boys, but it was the best shot on this day. I dressed them in matching outfits - just being goofy that morning. Declan has started picking out his own clothes and this was his pick. So I applauded his choice and told him it was so cool that I was going to match Brendan to him.

February 7th Doors:

I just wanted to capture some shots of Brendan with his current obsession - doors! He could spend all day just opening them and closing them. He ignores all distractions (like toys and people) and heads right to any door to play, play, play!

February 8 - Zoo:

It was the first "warm" day (40's) in ages so we packed up and headed to the zoo (which we live behind). This was a fun trip b/c it was the first of 2009 and my brother came. This HOP sign is right outside the frog house (otherwise known as Amphibiville)

February 9 - Eat:

Just a cute shot of Brendan, happy, eating at dinner.

February 10 - Irene

In this picture, Brendan looks so much like my sister Irene's baby pictures - it's kinda spooky!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I'm still working out the best way to post these pics. I clearly don't have it down to a science where I take the pics, process the pics and then post them all in one day. I usually get one or two hours a week to do this kind of stuff so I do multiple pics at one time. Today I decided to post them as one JPEG. These are pics from Feb 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. They are all Declan-centric.
The B/W of him is from one of our mornings upstairs in my bedroom after I put Brendan down for a nap. Declan was sitting in the computer chair playing with one of my Wizard of Oz dolls and the morning light from the window was stunning.
The color one of him was an attempted photo shoot in the living room. In this shot, he was actually telling me that he was DONE.
The snowman shot was taken from the front porch on a sunny but frigid morning.
And the other B/W is Declan with his little friend Sophie playing Star Wars Lego on the Wii. They are both zealous little Star Wars fans!!
Have a great weekend!

Monday, February 2, 2009

"cause I'm so wonderful"

Declan is a card. He cracks me up daily. He is taking swimming lessons on Saturdays and he decided to wear his goggles in the bath - I think it might have been his dad's suggestion (he does bathtime around here). When I came into the bathroom for a peek - I oohed and aahhed and then left to grab a diaper for the baby - I heard Declan say to his dad when I walked out "I know where mommy is going, she's going to get her camera cause I'm so wonderful". Cracked me up! Of course, I yelled from the other room "Yes, I AM getting my camera, how did you know?" He certainly knows my M.O. - something cool happens, and mom grabs her camera!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The boys, the boys, the boys

Four days, five pics of boys! I haven't updated recently, but have been faithfully taking pictures. I have loads of blurry pics thanks to my desire to learn to shoot in the non-auto mode of my fancy shmancy little SLR. I am comfortable with the "M" setting (where you change the shutter speed but have a fixed aperture) but have trouble with the others still. So, here are the "best" pics from the last four days in January. (February 1 is still in "process" - LOL)
We had some big news this week - Brendan is crawling! Ah, mobility! As my dh says, we want them to grow and reach their milestones, but once they are mobile, we are really screwed! (paraphrased) Well, I'm off to bed in a few minutes. No Superbowl for me. I can't shake this fatigue, I've been to bed by 8:30 for the last couple of nights - yuck. Can't wait to see everyone's pics!

These are a few of my favorite things...