Friday, February 13, 2009

Catching up...

February 6th - Looking alike:

This may not be the best shot of both boys, but it was the best shot on this day. I dressed them in matching outfits - just being goofy that morning. Declan has started picking out his own clothes and this was his pick. So I applauded his choice and told him it was so cool that I was going to match Brendan to him.

February 7th Doors:

I just wanted to capture some shots of Brendan with his current obsession - doors! He could spend all day just opening them and closing them. He ignores all distractions (like toys and people) and heads right to any door to play, play, play!

February 8 - Zoo:

It was the first "warm" day (40's) in ages so we packed up and headed to the zoo (which we live behind). This was a fun trip b/c it was the first of 2009 and my brother came. This HOP sign is right outside the frog house (otherwise known as Amphibiville)

February 9 - Eat:

Just a cute shot of Brendan, happy, eating at dinner.

February 10 - Irene

In this picture, Brendan looks so much like my sister Irene's baby pictures - it's kinda spooky!

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20Birds said...

I am so behind on your blog, all these gorgeous photos, you said oyu couldnt pick one to post i cant pick just one to comment on... the one where the boys look alike... made my heart skip a beat..not to be a smart aleck because i have not scrapped in months it seems, but are you scrapping any of these

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