Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Cleveland Zoo Labor Day Weekend 2009

First stop was to see the koala: and it was AWAKE!

These next pictures are so sweet, Declan is holding Brendan's hand


What a tortoise!

Statue riding:

The primate exhibit was awesome: look at that baby!

Declan is feeding nectar to lorikeets:

This wallaby mama had a joey in her pouch:

Beautiful giraffe exhibit with a large herd of Masai giraffes (just like on Big Cat Diary!)

Brian took this rhino picture - it cracks him up. Rhino body and "detached" rhino head

Welcome to the zoo!


Big ol' lens:

Aaawww - isn't this too cute?!?

Brian - the human alpaca

Brendan was determined to "push" the stroller:

The zoo was great - there are exhibits that we didn't see that are must-sees for next time, but it was a very successful zoo weekend for us! (Except for Brendan getting so horribly ill)

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20Birds said...

your photos are so great always so great, i might become a zoo person after all... hmmm , no i dont think so, the photos are an easy way for me to avoid the zoo, i get fabulous photos and no heatstroke :)

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