Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Binder Park Zoo pics (1st batch of pics)

Sooo, we went to another zoo, this time in Battle Creek, about two hours from our home. What can I say? Declan LOVES zoos and we are on a mission to capitalize on and encourage that passion. I can honestly say that it was worth the drive. It was wonderful and fun and just the right size for a family with small children. We fed giraffes! That was amazing. The animals were up close. The habitats were naturalistic and the exhibits were engaging, informative and interesting. We had such a good time!
I'm still super behind on photo uploading. The zoo trip was on 9/18! ooops

This little baby giraffe was only a couple of months old!

Brendan and Declan fed the giraffes lettuce. Brendan was sticking out his tongue after to show what the giraffes did! (too cute)

Brian carried Brendan in a backpack for much of the zoo and that helped keep Brendan happy. It's much easier to see what the big people are looking at when you are up high too. And we've certainly found that most zoo exhibits are built for viewing by adults (which is strange to us since we believe that zoos are for children primarily)

Cutest drinking fountains ever:

Another adorable drinking fountain:

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20Birds said...

I have been at the blog several times now, enjoying the photos and laughing that i think you post all the zoo photos in an effort to make a zoo person, and then i laugh more because i think it might be working... i am warming to the idea... gradually... i love the giraffe photos tons!

These are a few of my favorite things...