Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Month Resolutions - August 2007

So, today is July 31st and that means that tomorrow is the last month of summer - WHEN did summers start going by so quickly?!? I've only been to my neighborhood pool ONCE so far this summer and we bought a pool pass!!! Luckily, my dh takes my ds a couple of nights a week after dinner so I can do some digi-scrapping so the passes weren't a COMPLETE waste of money! ;) I intend to take ds to the pool once a week starting TOMORROW! This is one of my New Month Resolutions! I have decided to start new and fresh in August! (and will probably have some New Month Resolutions in September too if these work out! ;) )

So, without further ado, here are my New Month Resolutions for the month of August, 2007:

1. Go to the pool once a week

2. Work out three times a week (an oldie, but a goodie!)

3. Comment more in the galleries I post layouts to (Scrapartist, Scrapbookgraphics and DST and maybe go back to Scrapbook-bytes again.)

4. Participate in one contest per week from Scrapbookgraphics, and Scrapartist AND do either the Hodge Podge challenge OR the Digidare challenge every week.

5. Try to get back to completing one layout per day

6. Make dinner five days a week!!!! (that's a big one!)

I think that's PLENTY!

To help me with resolution #3 (more commenting in layout galleries), I am participating in contests at DST and at SBG for the most posts. I won June's contest at SBG with over 1900 comments for the month of June but that will be impossible for me to replicate! My personal goal is to comment on 24 layouts per day at each site. That's a LOT, but should help keep me inspired to create my own layouts!

So, that's the skinny here.

Oh, and here are a couple of layouts from this week:

and this one:

Credits here and here

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Kelsey said...

Ok had to stop in and say Hi from paradise lol What great resolutions your going to be busy busy busy! Your LO's are amazing wow wow getting better and better!

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