Sunday, July 22, 2007

Canoodling and Kaboodling

I'm here to canoodle you into kaboodling. (ca-noo-dle v. tr. To win over or convince by cajoling or flattering; wheedle: "his matchless ability to charm, bamboozle, or canoodle most of his political associates")
See, I've recently become addicted to Kaboodle. Addicted to shopping/browsing the digi-scrapping boutiques and expanding my own wanton wishlist and addicted to carousing the Kaboodle lists of other digi-scrappers. What a fantastic source of inspiration for me!

And, I admit, I am enchanted by the whole shopping-list-collecting frenzy - by the idea that a shopping list is a peek into a person's private thoughts and world. So, I voyeuristically (in the purest sense of "observing", "seeing" and "watching") peruse the Kaboodle lists of digi-scrappers that I admire. (Angela Powers, Wellidesigns, twentytinytoes, angelbq, ditzyscrap and many more). I get a rush of shopping joy when I get to see what THEY have on THEIR wishlists...AND I also have discovered that I enjoy seeing what their most recent purchases have been, sooooo, I added that category to my OWN Kaboodle.

And without further ado, here is the latest sampling of things that I have purchased, and I'm even going to include my thought process in selecting these delicious items:

(Let me begin by saying that I am on a bit of a budget this month, since I blew through my paypal account in record time last month! Having said that, I am quite pleased with my purchases, they are unique and extremely versatile. Bargain-hunters - pay attention!)

I hit Sophia Sarducci's shop first since I am in awe of her beads and am on a bit of a bead-binge right now. I picked up these lovelies for only $2!!! (and available for a limited time, I might add!)

While shopping for the above beads, I noticed these sparkly little foil accents in the "other items people purchased" category and since I have admired the foily accents on some other scrappers' layouts recently, I could not resist for only 2 more dollars:

And I checked out the "cheap-o-rama" section for a bit of a laugh, but was immediately drawn to these exceedingly realistic and unique bows that were only $1 And lastly, I must include this item from Pixel Gypsy Designs. I freely admit that this item was free for me because I am lucky enough to be a Guest CT, but I can truthfully say that I would have bought this anyway because it's s0-dang cute and also a BARGAIN at only $1.85

So, there are some fun items I bought today and put on my Kaboodle list! Go and peruse the Kaboodles of YOUR favorite digiscrapper and link me up!


Kelsey said...

Ok so maybe I should try kaboodle what can a little attempt hurt lol

Karen said...

I love Kaboodle - it is such a great tool..and inspiration for future purchases!! I also use it to keep track of what I got - so I can look at the list when I scrap LOL

Julie said...

I am addicted to Kaboodle now too! You have some great stuff on yours that I am totally adding to mine!!

Jones said...

I don't kaboodle. And as I was saying to myself that I really don't need to buy or add anything more to my wishlist, you showed me something I haven't seen yet. Ack. Now I have to go get those tin foil shapes! Darn you! LOL (or you can interpret that as a thanks for the heads up on a cool item I haven't seen yet, LOL0

These are a few of my favorite things...