Monday, August 4, 2008

Family stuff

Just wanted to put some thoughts down in writing today. I'm very blessed to have the family and life that I have. Sometimes I need to remind myself of that. I tend to caught up in the little irritations of daily life sometimes and forget to give thanks for the miracle of each and every "regular" day that I get to share with my two boys and my husband. I also have the blessing of having both my parents alive (as does my dh). We are very lucky.

We went to a big "cousin" party this weekend. My mother's sister, Colleen, had four daughters - my cousins. Colleen passed away when she was in her forties and never got the joy of seeing her children's children and the lives they have built with their husbands. My cousins are all married with beautiful children. We adore them. Sadly, their father is now ill and may have cancer (again). Everyone is very melancholy and worried about his health and grateful for every moment with him.

Which brings me back to me. I've been feeling resentful toward my own father lately BECAUSE he is in poor health! Now, hold off on the judgement for a minute - he has MRSA and he came to my house and infected ME! Yup, I just got over a MRSA infection under my arm. It was painful and terrifying. I was soo worried that I would give it to my little one (2months and breastfeeding) or my bigger one (three years and prone to scratches and cuts, like any three year old boy). The antibiotics worked on me and my boo boo healed in two weeks. My dad hasn't been so lucky and he was in the hospital twice with this infection and now is at home and on a "pick-line" at home, giving him very strong antibiotics intravenously. So that's a lot of information, but the bottom line is that I have been soo mad at him for giving it to me (not that he would EVER have done such a thing on purpose, but of course, I blamed him for not being careful enough and for visiting me with an open wound to begin with!) Now, I can see that I need to be grateful for his health (such that it is) and to pray for his recovery. I continue to be vigilant about hygiene in my own home and will do all I can to protect my sons (and dh). But I am grateful for my family and I finally can let go of this resentment towards my dad.

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20Birds said...

wow I have been living with really wimpy internet until we get into our new house and I got tagged and felt guilty about all the tagging I never play along with (yours included) anyway I tagged you... but in reading this post... Melinda, you poor thing... I know what oyeu are saying about the mixed feelings. I am glad you are well and am praying your Dad recovers completely

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