Sunday, July 5, 2009

I hate fireworks*

* - the asterisk is because I only hate fireworks because of my crazy, needy, manic, insane, did I say crazy? dogs. Every June/July finds them cowering, whimpering, shedding, shaking, barking, and generally miserable while the firecrackers pop off and especially when our city's fireworks go off on the Fourth. I know some people who have dogs who are afraid of fireworks and their dogs will simply go hide under a table and refuse to come out. My dogs could not be that low maintenance. Oh, no, not MY dogs! They will run around the house perpetually seeking (and never finding) a "safe" place, This was mildly annoying before we had children. NOW it is unbearably irritating. You see, both dogs think that perhaps the boys' bedrooms might be that illusive safehaven and so they try to get in. And since fireworks happen long after my boys are in bed, the dogs bursting into their bedrooms (combined with the thundering fireworks outside) would understandably wake up the boys. So, Brian and I have to keep them away from the boys' bedrooms. Which is fine and dandy while we are awake. We simply put them on the couch next to us and hold onto their harnesses so they can't run around like chickens with their heads cut off. After the fireworks are done, I go to bed, leaving Brian alone to corral both bassets. Unfortunately, the end of fireworks is LONG before the end of the firecrackers. There are yokels shooting off firecrackers until the wee hours of the morning. Last night, Brian got tired of being alone downstairs on the couch and brought both dogs up to bed with him (around 1am). He promptly fell asleep. I, on the other hand, was up for MUCH longer. I am a light sleeper and find that I cannot go to sleep while one drooling, shaking, panting basset hound lies on my hair and the other panting, shaking, whimpering basset hound lies curled around my leg. Long story short? I am tired, cranky and hating the Fourth of July today, despite having had a wonderful day yesterday. *sigh*

The good stuff from the Fourth of July:

Declan was in his first parade! Our city parade has the following motto: "Half the city is in the parade, and the other half watches the parade". My mom, dad and Ashley came to see. It was neat.

We went to my cousin's house on the lake for her annual party. A couple of pontoon rides, swimming in very cold water for the brave and the young, good food, good company, good times.

Here are some pics from the 4th:

Our family unit before the parade:

My mom and Brendan "spectating" on the parade route:

There is Declan (and me walking beside) in the Zoo tram with Camp Apples and Bananas (his summer camp program)

After the parade on the swingset, waiting for Brendan to wake up so we can all go to the lake.

Ashley waiting too. Yup, I painted some faces!

At the lake: Steve let Ashley and Declan take turns "driving" his boat. That man is so chill and relaxed all the time. I do NOT know his secret, but I would like to!

The Fourth of July party is also/actually Kevin's birthday party. He was born on the 3rd - close enough!

Me, holding Brendan and his lakewater mohawk. He didn't get a bath last night and his hair still smells a little funky...

A better shot of the "do":

Here is Richard...he is too sweet for words. He was either playing with Ashley and Declan or watching Brendan the whole day!

Miss Stacy - so pretty!

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