Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nothing but costumes...

Halloween is so much fun, and Brian and I have decided to embrace the children in our heart who love to dress up. We get in the spirit of things around here! And so do our boys! This was the year of costumes. Declan wore three different costumes to his various Halloween "events" and Brendan wore two different costumes this year. I also wore two different costumes.

Here we are on Halloween in our Star Wars finery. Declan as Little Anakin Skywalker from the Phantom Menace. I am dressed as Queen Amidala from Star Wars. Brian was Obi-Wan-Kenobi (the young one!) and Brendan was our sweet Yoda. This is what we wore trick -or- treating and to pass out candy. Declan was FAR more interested in coming home to pass out candy so we only went up and down one block - which was more than enough for everyone involved (except Brian, who also embraces his inner child when it comes to collecting and eating candy).

For Declan's pre-school party, he decided to wear his Buzz Lightyear costume. He looked so cute.

These outdoor pics were taken on the way to school. Brendan LOVES costumes and thought that Declan looked pretty cool.

Here are my two boys on the steps to Declan's school - waiting. We were sooo early that day!

And here is the whole class - man, pre-school kids are so cute in costumes!

And Brendan wore this cute frog costume to Kindermusik and then outside to play in the mud. Thankfully, the thing is machine washable and all the mud came right out!

Declan wore his Anakin costume again when he went trick-or-treating with Brian to our little downtown event on the Sunday before Halloween. All the retail stores pass out candy and treats and it was CRAZY crowded!

Brian dressed up for that event too (sort of):

And on the Saturday before Halloween, we went to my father-in-law's condo party and won "first prize" for our Family Costume. We were all fairy-tale figures (sort-of). Declan was Peter Pan. Brendan was a frog (he needs to be kissed to turn back to a prince) and I was a witch (with green face paint, no less). Brian wore his Obi Wan Kenobi costume again, but everyone thought he was Robin Hood.

Brendan LOVED his frog costume, especially the FEET...

And here are the boys, just playing dress-up the week before Halloween:


20Birds said...

delightful !!!!! loved all the photos, really... and kudos to you and Brian... what fun mum and dad

20Birds said...

do you know that i still come here almost every day to see if there are new photos? I have a post written about week 4 in my brain, and comments about your last post... but thought i would send a dig here.. that i want to see some photos:) before i leave tomorrow i am going to update at HA... we didnt end baking cookies, and now i have pushed it too far without medication and my whole neck.throat, mouth are raging in pain... but it cant be that bad, right? if i found energy to come pester you over here?

20Birds said...

tonight i will post

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