Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Long time coming

Well, well, well.  My blog.  My journal.  Good afternoon sir.  Today, is November 12, 2013.  11.12.13.  Special numbers call for a special action - so a blog post it is.  When last we met, my big guy was done with kindergarten and I thought that that was something!  Now, I have a 3rd grader, a kinder and a 2 year old toddler.  To say that life has been busy is an understatement.  Let's just pretend that we're all caught up, shall we?

It snowed last night.  And my Facebook page blew up with status updates about it.  Like, maybe it was a surprise or something.  In Michigan, almost mid-November?  Ooohhkaayy.  I'm determined to be optimistic about it.  To appreciate the change in the monotony, the delightful novelty of it.  I picked up Brendan from school today and he was so excited about the tiny dusting of snow and the few frozen puddles of ice.  He said that he LOVES winter and couldn't wait to get home and go play in the backyard!  What a fantastic attitude.  I can learn so much from him.  So, we got on our snow boots and went outside for an hour.  Colin too.  I cleaned up the yard a little while they gloried in the teeny amount of snow that they could find in the little shady spots of the yard.  And I made Brendan promise to drag me outside every single day of winter!

Declan came home from school yesterday and said that he was confused about what to be when he grows up.  I told him that, since he is in third grade, that there is no rush.  He said that he felt a calling to be a father, a scientist AND a priest (be still my heart).  I told him, again, that he doesn't need to decide now.  To just continue to pray and to answer the calling that he hears in his heart when the time comes.  That didn't satisfy him because, apparently, St. Therese decided to be a nun when she was in third grade.  Bless his heart.  He identifies with a saint!  No one ever said that he was unambitious!  (not just a priest, he wants to be a SAINT!)

Well, I better go.  My two littles are trying to play a board game without me.  I suspect the quiet means they are just breaking it and scattering the pieces.  *sigh*

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