Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11 Day of Remembrance

September 11, 2001
The Day The World Changed

When I woke up this morning, my first thoughts were of 9/11 (2001). I can hardly believe that six years have already passed. My personal memories from that day:

I started a new job with ADP in April 2001 and we got Rufus as a puppy that same month. Brian and I got married in 2001 (June 16). On September 11, I was in the office. It was a Tuesday and, at the time, it was the one day of the week that I was required to be "in-house". Most days, I was working from home or making sales calls. So, all the sales reps were in the office that day. I remember that a lot of the guys had News-alerts set up on their cell phones and on their laptops. Someone saw the video on CNN (I think) when the first plane hit the tower. We all watched it and my first thought was that it was a private plane gone amok. By the time the second plane hit the other tower, we had all abandoned the pretense of working and a tv was set up in the conference room downstairs. A group of us sat together and watched the first tower fall, live on TV. I was in shock and many of us were crying. ADP made an announcement that any employees that wanted to, could leave. There was a lot of fear and paranoia. Our office was located across the stree from Ford World HQ, we were in a city that was predominantly arab-american, etc etc. So, I went home. I called Brian on the way home and for the next 24 hours I was glued to the TV. I never felt so frightened and sad. I am lucky that I didn't lose anyone personally in the attacks. My heart goes out to everyone who did. God bless.

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Anonymous said...

I am in Australia, but I too was glued to the TV for 24 hours that day ... and I also clearly remember what I was doing when the plane hit and watched the tower collapse live on TV (which was late at night here). My heart goes out to everyone who lost a loved one that day.

On a brighter note, I love your blog, your stuff is very inspirational.

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