Friday, September 14, 2007


So, I was just blog-surfing, looking at pretty scrapbook pages mosly and I ran across a fantasticly talented group of ladies in Australia. Check out the link that got me started here They are paper scrapbookers and, to me, that is like scrapping from another planet. I tried to paper scrapbook for about two months and I was horrible at it. I had all these grand ideas and simply could not execute them to my satisfaction so I was delighted to discover digital scrapbooking which, for me, had a much shorter learning curve. Anyway, I like to look at paper scrapbooking pages because it gives me a different inspiration pool. They are working in a different medium and with different tools than digi-scrappers. Anyhoo, somehow or other I came across a link to something called Blogging Without Obligation. The basic idea is that we should blog cause we want to not cause we have to. Pretty cool, so I'm adding the blinkie to my COLLECTION! ;)

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