Tuesday, September 30, 2008


My oldest son is three (and a half!) years old and my little guy is just four months old and my husband is much older than that! Three males and me. I'm on the precipice of being overwhelmed by testosterone, football, fart humor and action movies. I grew up in a more balanced household (weighted slightly toward the feminine side) with two sisters and two brothers. I guess that it's karma that I would have two sons and no daughters, since when I grew up, I was often the tie-breaker, as the youngest, and although female, I usually did side with the boys.
So I am enjoying this cuddly, snuggly, lovey-dovey phase of having two little boys. This layout really reflects that. :)

(Credits - Flight of Fancy collab from Scrapartist and alpha by Weeds & Wildflowers

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