Monday, January 18, 2010

Knitting and other adventures

So, I am still determined to learn to knit. I practice every time we go somewhere in the car as a family - Brian drives and I knit. I'm horrible. I admit this. But I keep plugging away. I am not only determined to learn to knit for myself, but because I want to teach Declan that you CAN learn to do something, even when it's hard for you, if you just keep trying. There's a very catchy tune from a kid's show (Yo Gabba Gabba) called "Keep Trying" and I hum it to myself when I am contemplating the knotted mess that I call my "knitting". (I tried to find the video for keep trying, but no luck on youtube but here's a pic of the Yo Gabba characters on my windowsill).

So, I keep trying. My sister, Irene, knows that I am trying to learn to knit and so she talked about it with her husband's family one day. Her husband's brother is married to a lovely lady from Italy named Tina. Tina's mother, Melina, lives with them. Irene had a small birthday party for her daughter Ashley on Saturday and she invited Tina, Melina and family. They told Irene to tell me to bring my knitting needles. Well, to make a long story longer, I got a private lesson from these knitting wizards on Saturday night. They are so quick and so neat! I was in awe. Tina's husband calls them knitting nazis. He says that Melina and Tina sit down in the family room while he is watching football and whip out completed socks, blankets, scarves, hats, sweaters - you name it! Well, I learned a lot from them, despite the language barrier (Melina speaks almost no english and Tina's english is not perfect, especially when it comes to knitting terms LOL). I successfully completed a row under their watchful eyes! Hooray! But when I tried to replicate my success at home, I was disappointed. Ultimately what I learned is that I need to suck it up and get actual lessons. So that is what I am going to do. There is a little knitting shop about a mile from my house, called Ewenique Knits and they offer classes. Sign me up Scotty!

What else has been going on? Well, we FINALLY took down all the Xmas decorations in the house. We got the tree down on the 26th of December, but just got everything else (nativity, nutcrackers, mantle stuff, etc) put away yesterday. Brendan got up from his nap, took a look around and said "Ho Ho Ho - Where?!?" Too funny.

Still hand embroidering - it is seriously fun and easy. After a non-productive knitting attempt, I always take refuge in a quick embroidery success! AND, Declan does it too! He said he wanted to try so we went to the fabric store and got some big tapestry needles and his own embroidery hoop. So far, he's done his own name, a football and a monster. I just thread the needle for him, hand him the fabric (in the hoop) and he follows the lines that have been drawn on with pencil. Very fun and cute! Here is what I WANT to do and am working up to do:

From this place Sublime Stitching...Floral Fantasy Isn't it lovely?

Today is a holiday, so no school for Declan. He wants to know what we are going to do that is "fun and exciting" to celebrate. So we are having a picnic on the living room floor for lunch. Should be interesting with the 20 month old.


20Birds said...

almost seems like a post for the pother place, you know what i mean? but that is what we are trying to do isnt it? have our art spill out all over the place? i am so keen on all your projects. i saw the cutest hats (knitted snow hats that look like animals) have you seen hannah's cow hat on FB? anyway i might order some up from you in a christmas or ten!

20Birds said...

all my late night commenting and facebooking is due to a mix up in my meds.... wide awake and not wanting to be! but happy to find a new psot here

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