Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Well, it's February already and I'm way behind on my blogging, photography and digital scrapbooking goals for 2010. I had hoped to create one new digi-scrap page per week and to post one "really good" photo per week. On the plus side, I've been very busy in other creative areas. I'm almost done with my very first knitting project. That's right people, I've graduated from practice pieces to something "real". In my case, a much needed glasses case. I've completed several embroidery projects, even a canvas tote bag. And I've been creating paper "art" in the form of inchies and cards. I'm feeling very blessed lately.

Speaking of blessed, today is the feast of St. Blaise and in Catholic tradition, we took the boys to mass to get their (and our) throats blessed. There was just one other family there, and lots of elderly people and some other "singles". I felt very peaceful while in church and since the blessing was for the throat, I couldn't help but think of my friend Beth who is battling throat cancer. Love you Bethy!

We also turned in the necessary paperwork for Declan to start kindergarten in the fall. It is surreal that he will be in the "big" school soon. This time with my small boys is so precious and fleeting. I must bemoan the fact that the boys are growing up often because Declan is quick to hug me and declare that he will NEVER leave me and that he will always be mine. Love that kid.

And on to the title of this post - Bendaroos. I just have to share the love we have for Bendaroos. I will declare that buying these things was the best $20 I ever spent. What is a Bendaroo, you ask? Well one Bendaroo is a string covered in wax. Lame, right? Well the TV commercial (like ALL TV commercials) made Bendaroos look impossibly cool to Declan.
Let me share our history: Before Declan's fourth birthday, he watched some television on Nick Jr, and Nick Jr, unfortunately, has (*gasp*) commercials. One of the commercials was for Bendaroos - which were only sold on TV or online at the time. (Now you can get them at Target or Toys R Us). Declan was smitten and begged for Bendaroos for months and months. He talked about them all the time. He often wanted what he saw on TV but generally only as long as the commercial was right in front of him. But he never relented in his quest for Bendaroos and would randomly recite from the commercial. So, for his birthday, he got Bendaroos! (And what a reaction - he was psyched!) I was skeptical-mommy and never expected Bendaroos to live up to the hype. I only bought them so Declan could feel that JOY when you finally get what you always wanted. I figured he would play with them for a few days and them get over it.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Bendaroos are FUN! And portable! And they don't make a mess! And even baby Brendan loves to squeeze them and bend them and unwrap big balls of them. You can spell your name with them. Stick them to paper. Stick them on your walls. Make jewelry (rings, bracelets, rings). Create animal buddies. Wrap Star Wars actions figures in them and pretend that they are frozen in carbonite (a peculiar household favorite).

I find myself telling other moms about Bendaroos whenever we are out and about. Bendaroos have created quiet, well-behaved children at church, restaurants, Dr.'s waiting rooms, in the car, watching siblings gymnastics' practice, etc. Moms often ask me what those "things" are that keep the boys so engaged and quiet and then I become Infomercial Mom. I admit it, I am sold on these things.


20Birds said...

I was enthralled by your account of bendaroos. I know what it is like to get "sold" on something that has made life better.... you just want to tell others. Look at us, Melly, we are creating all over the place, as i was reading your list of projects I was thinking of mine, and was darn tootin' proud of both of us. I think it is partly because we started TAW together. and that left me feeling so thankful and grateful. I remember the early comments back at SBG... that we would leave for each other. Look where we are now. i love you muchly (as we say around here.)

20Birds said...

and i forgot before ... i posted more photos in the gallery and some early attempts at sketching again

LeAndMatt said...

Hi. I found your blog when I was searching for LR free presets...and it directed me to your September 2007 post...the link that you link to isn't working anymore. Would you share the preset with me that you used for those photos? I would be forever grateful!


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