Friday, February 26, 2010

Update your blog, woman!

The post title is an almost direct quote from my husband. Here are the pictures as requested, my dear.

Declan had "beach day" at pre-school today. The heat was CRANKED up because baby, it's cold outside!

Declan, at lunch today, looking sweet:
And here is Brendan at lunch today wearing "Goo Goo Goggles" (his name for them)

We've been enjoying the snow around here lately. Snow Snow Snow. A veritable winter wonderland. But even Declan is ready for spring. He told that he likes the snow but it really should have snowed like this at Christmas, "instead of rain". Amen.

We went to the zoo last Saturday. Yes Beth, we even go to the zoo in the snowy months!
Still at the zoo:
Brian at the zoo
The jogging stroller is very handy at the zoo in winter: two boys fit snuggly, blankets too and you can cover the front with the rain cover thingy.
This is Declan in bird house at the zoo (I just like saying "at the zoo")
In front of the butterfly house, you know where:

Our dogs enjoy the snow too! Here is Daisy eating some:
And Rufus coming in for his close-up. Snow brings out the puppy in our nine year old basset hound. He runs, romps, barks and begs for someone to play with him. He does not seem to tire of it ever! :)


20Birds said...

i missed this post, zoo in the snow i could go for, it is animals in the sun i am not fond of....daisy in the snow is priceless, and i can pick out declan anywhere now

20Birds said...

i think i would love the zoo in the cold i love walking miles without seeing anything in the cold, it is in the heat that i dont like it. and i can declan out of any group shot now at first glance that is where my eyes go, its like i know him

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