Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where did I leave off?

A common question of mine lately. "Where did I leave off..." with my knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, blogging and embroidering. I start a project, get distracted and go back to it at a later date. It is all good though. It is Good to have projects to work on. It is Good to be distracted because those distractions are typically my sons or my husband or cooking or cleaning - in other words, my life. And my life is all good right now. I have been lately realizing how blessed I am to be HERE, NOW, in this moment.

Ok, so a quick recap of Valentine's Day is in order. Brian bought me the most beautiful flowers (see pictures). Pink and peachy roses and tulips (he always gets me pink and peach since those are the colors from our wedding day) from him, sunflowers "from" Declan and daffodils "from" Brendan. Brian said that Brendan "chose" the daffodils because of a book that we read that has daffodils in it. I have told Brendan, while reading said book, that daffodils are my favorite flower. And Brendan, in turn, has told Brian, while reading said book, that those are "mommy favorite". So sweet. Meanwhile, Declan was "educating" Brendan about which flowers were the tulips and which ones were the roses. He explained that the tulips wear their leaves "like a dress" and the roses wear their leaves "like a collar". That kid is brilliant - I never thought of it like that at ALL. He came up with that gem all on his own.

And today is Ash Wednesday. I took the boys to church this morning to get ashes and talked to them about Lent and this season leading up to Easter. We talked about sacrifice and doing things so Jesus knows that we appreciate what He did for us. Declan volunteered to give up meat along with the grown-ups today and on Fridays. Now, that is a big sacrifice for a kid whose favorite rhyme is "What do we eat? We eat MEAT!"

Brian is making his traditional Lenten sacrifice of all beverages aside from water. So no coffee, no juice, no pop, no milk, no beer, no wine, no tea. It's a big sacrifice for him, and frankly for all of us, since his addiction to caffeine is HUGE and therefore, the withdrawal is HARD. He gets grumpy and I don't blame him but I am praying that it is easier for him this year and that he doesn't let it get the best of his mood and his enjoyment of our beautiful children (and wife, nudge nudge, wink wink). I am proud to say that he is also volunteering time for the church fish fry and for the homeless shelter. He is a good man.

You can see why I am feeling so blessed lately. I have a beautiful life, now time to get back to it! Where did I leave off, again?


JudyFL said...

Mel - what a beautiful piece for this Ash Wednesday. And the flowers are also beautiful. Tell Brian to keep his chin up - the 40 days that now seems sooo long will go quickly - even without the caffeine. You and All the boys are indeed blessed. Keep up the good work. The weather here is still quite cool for FL. Come on 70's! Hurry up Spring. Maybe my tropical plants will come back after the freeze.(I hope) Keep the blogs coming - I certainly enjoy them immensely.

- Great Aunt Judy

20Birds said...

i LOVED this post.... LOVED it.... really. Declan is brilliant, that was a statement made with eyes that really see... wow blown away. And lucky you all those gorgeous flowers you received. Mostly i was thinking that this post is like a snapshot of your life. Take it out when Brian is grumpy, when the boys are not cooperating, take out this snapshot and savour it... because this is real... this is the part of your life that is real. and the other just a distraction.

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