Monday, July 12, 2010

THE purse

Have I mentioned how much I love to crochet lately?  Well a couple of weeks ago, I got a book from the library - Stitch 'N Bitch Crochet.  There is a pattern in there for a little purse.  So, I grabbed some yarn that I had purchased on sale at JoAnn and started in on it.  I wasn't 100% sure that it would turn out ok, but I was determined to master rectangular/square crochet shapes (circles are more my style).  I LOVED how it turned out soo much that I wanted to use it every day without risk of losing all my things (darn crochet is so HOLEY).  So, I found a tutorial online to line the purse.  (I got to use my sewing machine!  Yay!)  I happened to have some fabric with the same shade of red in it.  I whipped up a little matching flower (my fave thing to crochet) and VOILA!  and PRESTO!  A purse I adore!  Of course, it is too small really.  Sooo, I need to find a pattern I love for a BIGGER crocheted purse!!!

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20Birds said...

may i hint broadly and request a crochet flower of my own. i want to make and anthro-style necklace... puleeese... that purse if so cool. i love it when a usual craft can produce an unexpected result.. purse. and look how all the pieces came together.. the matching fabric... it is cool and i am proud of you.. remember when declan was encouraging you with the knitting?

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