Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Things I'm into lately...

It's been a busy summer.  I feel sad that there are only a few weeks left before Declan goes back to school.  We have spent many many days and evenings at our community pool.  Declan jumps off the diving board and sort of muscles his way back to the edge of the pool.  He does an underwater doggy paddle that has some major kick.  He also likes to dive down to the bottom of the deep end (10.5 feet is his record) to retrieve diving weights.  Much fun and much worry for his mama!  Because of all this, we have him in swimming lessons at our pool.  He is learning to float on his back and some basic swimming strokes (which he learned in the winter at his indoor swim classes but has since forgotten).  Brendan most enjoys spending time with his mama - to Brian's disappointment.  We have to remind him each evening that he has to take turns with Declan.  Brendan loves to play in the fountains and sprayers in the shallow end of our pool.  He is also very intrigued with making water footprints on the deck.

I'm also finding myself sewing.  On my machine.  It's crazy and fun.  And frustrating (especially since I can't find my manual and am often googling things like "how to replace a broken needle on your sewing machine" or "feed dogs not working").  But thanks to google, I can now wind bobbins, replace broken needles, change feet, adjust tension, load bobbins, thread the needle and even backstitch!  My quilt is almost done.  I need to replace the needle (again) and can't do that until I've made another trip to JoAnn.  It is cute.  Not perfect or heirloom, but cute.  And Brendan adores it.  The fabrics have trucks and diggers printed on them.  His favorite things!  I will get a picture up as soon as it is finished.

I am packing and planning our camping trip next week.  It should be...let's say, interesting.  We pitched the tent in the backyard last week and gave it a trial run with the boys and Declan stayed up past 11pm and Brendan never did fall asleep, so he and I ended up back in the house.  Now, whenever I mention camping to Brendan, he says "but I sleep in my crib".  I'll let you know how it goes.  We are headed "up north" as we say here in Michigan.  People from other places say things like "at the lake" or plain old "camping" but if you are from Michigan, you go "up north".  We'll be camping at Aloha State Park in Cheboygan, Michigan.  Just a few miles from the Upper Peninsula.  We visited my uncle there in May and now we will be camping just a 1/2  mile down the road from his home.  My parents and my cousins are coming up to visit too.  It should be really fun. 

And I'm finishing up a couple of lap trays and crayon holders for the boys to have in the car. It's a four hour car ride and experience tells us that it will not be pleasant. I'm going to do my best with the boredom busters, but I'm prepared to just suck it up. Here's what the crayon holder should look like when it's done (mine are with different colors):  I found the tutorial at Skip to My Lou a wonderful blog!  (the picture is of her finished product) 

The lap tray that I am making is inspired by this one (see pic below) that I found here: (another adorable blog)

But mine is turning out to be more like a white board hot glued to a pillow case with some felt pockets sewn on the sides.  I will post pictures of all my crafty goodness soon. 

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