Monday, August 23, 2010

Honey Do List

Well, honey, here it is.  The to-do list that has been in my head  but now is on "paper" (so to speak).  Home improvement is on my mind here.  I'm itching to make some nice changes to our little nest.  So, let's start at the beginning, shall we?

1.  Back door to the nook - new molding under door and paint door
2.  Shelves or a towel rack or some other thing to hide the 2-3 inches between the kitchen cabinet and the landing (you know what I am talking about - the mess is currently DUCT - TAPED - yuck)
3.  Touch-up paint on all the moldings
4.  Ceiling in dining room needs to be repainted and I need the window frame to be repaired so it is not so crumbly and I don't have to worry about my blinds falling down (sounds pretty, doesn't it?)
5.  Remove baby gate between LR and DR.  (will need to be painted there)
6.  Hang some sort of coat rack behind front door or on the back of the closet door so people can have a place to put coats as they come in to visit
7.  New rug for wiping feet when you enter vestibule
8.  Get rid of PC in living room and do something with that area
9.  New couch (say no more)
10. Have I mentioned the living room wall and window yet? 
11.  And of course that means we need a new roof....
12.  New curtains in living room
13.  New lamps in living room  (maybe wall sconces???)
14.  New towel rack in bathroom
15.  Fix grout around tub
16.  New curtain rod for Declan's room
17.  Hang curtain rods in our bedroom
18.  New curtains in our room
19.  Paint laundry room
20.  Organize and finish basement
21.  Scrapbook organization (new desk, shelves, etc)
22.  Hang shelves in Brendan's room
23.  Paint kitchen cabinets  (that's a big one, but I think it will make the biggest impact)
24.  Re-upholster and paint the purple chair
25.  New island/cart thing for kitchen
26.  New burner drip pans for stove
27.  New phone in kitchen (one that hangs up on the wall)
Lots to do honey,  so let's make a plan!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I need a "honey do" list too!!! Love Mom

Maybe five honey do lists!!!

20Birds said...

I have been working on scrapbook / craft organization getting things usable... you know, can i find it? and i want a vestibule ... preferably a new one so i dont have to paint it.

Melinda said...

Melly, I will read and comment if you want to blog :)

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