Monday, August 6, 2007

Just a layout and random rambling

I finished a layout today and I am very proud of myself!! I've been slacking, HARD and need to get back on track! My computer is the main excuse, I mean, reason. ;) The monitor has this unbearably annoying FLICKER that I cannot get rid of! It's giving me fits and I spend almost all my free time trying to figure it out!! Yuck - sometimes technology is so darned complicated! Troubleshooting is NOT my favorite past-time, so I've been avoiding the computer somewhat. So, there's THAT, and teh fact that we've been rushing around trying to enjoy the last month of our lovely summer, so I've genuinely been busy! :)

Well, there's nothing really more to say, except this layout features my little guy (as usual) and I used one of Chantal's wonderful photo clusters! These things make scrapping SOOO easy! :)

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Rachel said...

Such a cute layout don't you just love naked butt photos! You've inspired me to do a layout with some of my boys naked photos!lol!

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