Thursday, January 15, 2009

January 12, 13, 14

Poor baby has had a horrible cold/cough and now an ear infection. He was feeling pretty needy when I snapped this pic - my mom was holding him but he was begging me to get him and he was so hopeful when I got near, but I was only taking his photograph, so seconds later, he had burst into tears again. (I did take him then, poor thing).
More pics of my son's Star Wars Galactic Heroes. Declan got out HIS digital camera on this day and was "posing" his favorite characters and snapping some pics for his "scrapbook". I decided to take a couple of pics too! This is Shaak Ti and Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

This darling boy was helping me dust when I decided to take his picture. The fuzzy white in the lower left corner is the feather duster. He was trying to clean my camera... :)

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