Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 21st (aka Father's Day)

I have officially abandoned the Photo a Day premise. I am still trying to take a photo a day, but I find I can't seem to winnow them down to one a day for the blog posting. Especially with my fancy shmancy new lens. On Father's Day, we had a nice breakfast together, Brian opened some gifts and then we headed up to my mom and dad's house for a "party". It was just us, plus my parents, my two sisters, one husband and my niece. And while that does sound like a party, we were the only ones there who don't LIVE there. (yup, it's crowded at my mom's house!)

It was a hot day, so the kiddos played in the little pool outside while the grownups got all sweaty. Carlo cooked up a feast and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely. Here are some of the pics from Sunday:

Brian, opening up his card. And yes, Brendan is looking on from inside the clothes hamper (one of his very favorite spots)

That is me - a pretty nice pic taken by my dearest with the fancy new lens.

And here is Ashley coming out of the pool...

Ashley and Declan playing dress-up (the got married a few moments before the photo was snapped)

Brendan, being Brendan

Declan splashing up a storm in the pool (love, love, love the new lens!)

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20Birds said...

you are so beautiful! i love that photo of you, and brendan in the clothes hamper? FABULOUS!

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