Monday, June 8, 2009

Through June 7, 2009

HOORAY! I knew there was an easier way to post these pictures to blogger and, six months later, I FINALLY figured it out! I can email the darn things directly from the Photoshop Elements Organizer - super easy!!

Ok - so what's been happening around here? The biggest thing was Brendan's 1st Birthday (and subsequent party!). My little guy turned one on June 1st - he is a doll baby if I do say so myself. On to the pics:

Here is the birthday boy himself enjoying his cake. Brian selected the piece for him and it was HUGE and there was a giant red balloon on it. Brendan put on quite a show eating that cake, let me tell you. At one point, at least twenty people were standing around him just cooing over him eating and making a mess - he was in his glory! This pic is from yesterday.

Just a close-up of Brendan in the backyard being cute.

Another day at the zoo! Brendan's been switching from two naps a day to one nap a day and it's been a little bit of a difficult adjustment for Declan. So on this afternoon, I rewarded Declan with a quick trip to the zoo after Brendan woke up at 3pm. We got to the zoo at 3:30 and left at 5pm. It was nice and both boys had fun.

Here's Declan trying to wear his sunglasses from last year. They don't quite fit, eh?

Look at those chompers!

And, his boo boo face...he looks almost pretty here! ;) Usually he is ALL BOY!

Look at that cheeky smile!

And here is Declan - a censored shot. He enjoys taking LOTS of little animals in the tub with him - honestly I don't know how he can be wrong move and OUCH!

Another garden shot...the peonies are stunning. The garden looked perfect for Brendan's party too - peonies, irises and roses all in bloom together. Loved it!


20Birds said...

oh melinda i love the photos all of them... the cake must have been yummy fun for everyone especially the birthday boy! and enjoy that zoo! hey dont get your hopes up i hear the pens are going to make it go to 7

20Birds said...

i really thought you would have had something newsworthy to blog about by now... or some photos ....

These are a few of my favorite things...