Friday, May 29, 2009

My camera's back!!!

Hooray- my camera has been returned from Canon and it is as good as new!! I'm so thrilled, sort of giddy, just like when I first got it. Hooray again!

Ok, since my last post we've been busy. Brian had a "stay-cation" this week (although he HATES that term) and I've been loving it! He's been home every day and although we haven't done anything too crazy, it's been soo nice to have him around to share the load around here and just to pal around with.

Brian took Declan to the zoo yesterday (because what would a vacation be without at least ONE trip to the zoo?). On a side note, one of my friends from HS posted a note on facebook the other day about how she doesn't like zoos (she had just gotten back from taking her five kids to the zoo). A bunch of other people commented that they also didn't like zoos and I was, frankly, taken aback. I thought that almost EVERYONE loved zoos! I know I do! We live right behind the zoo and since having Declan, I think I've gone at LEAST once a month. I love walking around outside, looking at the animals, feeding the giraffes, looking at the gardens and teaching Declan (and Brendan) all about animals. Declan LOVES animals and he wants to be a zoologist. We check out books from the library all the time about different animals and he is consistently interested and eager to learn more. Love, love, love the zoo.

What else? Well, we are having a builder come over tomorrow to see about having an addition put on. I'm in seventh heaven about it - we have such a tiny house and to get just a little more space would be sublime. We'll see how things shake out after the meeting, but I'm hoping and praying that we can do this.

Ok, here are my pics:

This was really too cute for words (or pictures). While I was showering, Brian was entertaining the boys and he put Brendan in Declan's baby stroller/wagon and let Declan push Brendan around in it. This is not something I would have done (or encouraged) but I have to admit, that it was darling and they both loved it! Declan was so proud of himself and Brendan was having a ball. (BTW, this was taken with my Rebel - hooray again)

First picture taken when I got my camera back yesterday. Just went right into Declan's room where I found Brendan playing (as usual). Adorable.

(The rest of today's pics are from the little Elph). This was from Monday at my cousin's birthday party. Brendan is fascinated by feet and here he is enthralled by blue toenails!

At the Memorial Day parade. Brian took Declan and they were lucky enough to run into my friend Monique and Declan's best friend Sophie.

This is from the Heritage Festival. I just love this pic of my two boys together. Declan had just gotten his face painted (see next pic) and Brendan was reaching to touch it. As usual, Declan was very patient and gentle with his baby brother.

Here is Declan with his face painted - a snake! Eek!

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20Birds said...

hmmm, first thought you guys do painted faces better than anyone i know.... 2nd if they would do air conditioned indoor zoos i would love them also...Miami had supposedly a world class zoo and my parents had membership they took my kids all the time... but one of its features was the 3 gillion acre plot they gave each set of animals, it was like walking around the world :( , 3rd, how much did it cost to fix the rebel? and where did you send it?
4th... Dad's always have fun ideas (hmmm i think there is a layout in that ... maybe a father's day card

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