Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well, I'm finally getting around to uploading some more pics, and it looks like it's going to be a while before I will be uploading more after today. Total bummer - my camera is broken. Darn thing won't turn on. I (idiotically) left it on the couch when I put Brendand down for his nap today. Turns out, that Declan may or may not have knocked it onto the ground. He, of course, wouldn't give me a straight answer, but he did say that "it fell". I have to send it to Canon for evaluation and (hopefully) repairs. Darn, darn, darn.

I have lots to keep me busy though - since May 1st, I've worked out every day with the exception of Mother's Day and today. Not too shabby! And I feel great, so that is the most important thing. More energy, and more patience with the boys.

Also, I've rediscovered reading. Just finished a great fantasy book , Bones of the Dragon by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. They wrote the Dragonlance series that I loved in highschool. After I had Declan, I must have read a book a day. I would read whenever I nursed him - and I nursed him A LOT! When I started digital scrapbooking, I found that my free time was spent on the computer instead of curled up with a good book. I'm trying to find some balance in my life and not be so caught up in one thing or another. Moderation in all things?

Still playing around with my altered book. And I made two hybrid projects (little accordion brag books) for Mother's Day, plus cards for my mom, my mother-in-law and my grandma - yay me! Super proud of myself for doing the hybrid thing. It's been intimidating me for some reason. Anyway - it was fun and I'll be doing more in the future.

And playoff hockey has got me in front of the TV for a couple of nights each week. Go Wings!

On to the pics:

This was yesterday at the corner park. My parents stopped by and this is Brendan peeking out at my mom, who was sitting on a bench across from him. Peekaboo is a new fav for him. Cute.

Yup, this was Mother's Day - I had my little cousin Emmi take the picture with my camera. She was pretty nervous (she's 8) but I think she did a great job! We spent the day at my grandma's house. My mom and dad were there along with my aunt and her four kids, and two of my uncles. It was a lovely day, although my grandma is looking a bit tired (she's 93, so I shouldn't be surprised, I guess!)

Still from Mother's day -this is Declan holding a toad that he caught behind her house. Very proud of himself, he was.

And check out Deck with a python around his neck! Yikes! Our neighborhood library had a Science Alive visitor who brought a ton of animals for kids to touch and hold! Declan touched (or held) a turtle, a parrot, a kangaroo, a chinchilla, a porcupine, a smelly anteater and the python - how cool is that?

This is from last Friday. Brian was off work so we took the boys to the zoo. It was a really nice afternoon.
This is Brendan at the zoo. He had so much fun and is becoming so much more interactive and communcative - I love it!!!

I took the boys to the mall to meet my folks and Brendan had his very first "hands-on" experience in the play area - he was so excited - see the tongue? That is evidence of his enthusiasm!

And here is a morning shot of Brendan, just hanging out in the living room while the light was nice. (I'm sooo going to miss my camera!)

And more fun at the local park from earlier last week. Declan and Brendan swing side by side with a beautiful magnolia tree behind them. These two shots show them each looking over at each other - precious. (These two are begging for a scrapbook page!)

Off so get my camera ready to be shipped - peace out! :)

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20Birds said...

the family photo in front of the awesome pink tree ROCKS! wow, and you seem calm about the camera... ah i would not so be... the photo of your men in fornt of the big bear is another keeper.. looks like a storm brewing and that is some sort of print ad... I am going to check out that book series because i love fantasy books.. and i esp love series books

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