Friday, May 15, 2009

Go Wings!

I'm off to bed but felt like making a teeny tiny little post first. I'm in a good mood for the following reasons:
1. Had a "date" night with my husband tonight - we saw the new X-Men movie and before I get any rolled eyes or sympathetic tones, you should know that I love the X-Men movies. Hugh Jackman is gorgeous, for one, and I'm a super-hero, action movie type of gal. Thanks mom and dad for babysitting!
2. Last night Brian and I watched our Red Wings eliminate the Ducks in an exciting Game 7 - yahoo! And the best part is that the next series is against Chicago with only a one-hour time difference!!! The Blackhawks ARE a scary team, but I was still hoping they would defeat Vancouver so I can stay up to watch every game. Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals is SUNDAY!
3. Before the date with Brian, my mother-in-law visited today and we all went garage-sale-ing in our neighborhood's annual event. I got some scrapbooking things which I was pleasantly surprised to find. Also two lovely books to alter (thanks sweetie for finding those).
4. And I do have more pics to post for Project 365 - my dear husband reminded me that I can still take pictures using the little Elph *sighs* - it's not the same though. ;)

Good night sweetheart, well it's time to go...voh doh dee oh doh...I hate to leave you but I really must say, Good night sweetheart, good night


20Birds said...

i am glad you are/ were in a good mood. there are peaople over here though (i am not one of them) who claim the Wings sotle that victory with that last *ahem* goalie interference. I am still rooting for the Pens although i am as i said quite fond of chris chelios.

20Birds said...

melinda tell me the scubaman/ doll/ hero link again please?

20Birds said...

is it true that mike babcock doesnt like american players? just on my canadian news channel

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