Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Not much going on here. It's Memorial Day Weekend, so we are doing some gardening - getting all the veggies planted outside. I started some from seed and we bought a few plants. Brian did all the hard labor outside (as usual) and I got to play with the boys, watch some hockey and make dinner - a seriously nice day.

Yesterday was busy, we went to the Heritage Festival where Declan got to ride a pony and there was a petting zoo. Then we went to our friends' house for dinner. I do have pics from yesterday, but I haven't uploaded to the computer yet.

I'm still missing my Rebel, but here are some Elph pictures from the past week through May21st:

This is Brendan, he was so happy to play with these little animals of Declan's. They have a little button on the bottom and when you push it, they make animal noises. He was so proud of himself when he learned to push that button!

And here is my baby getting his VERY first haircut at a salon. Brian took him because he was off work and likes the boys to look "neat". He was a good boy, never even moved a muscle.

This is just some of the artwork that Brian and Declan did on our sidewalk the other night.

And here are the artists themselves...

Some pics from the Basset Hound Waddle last Sunday....these two look a lot like my Rufus

Here is Brendan enjoying the parade. He squealed everytime he saw a dog - very exciting stuff for him!

Me and my boys, watching the parade...

Here's Declan on the WAY to the parade - very very excited!

And here's a pic of Brendan in his car in the backyard - he loves it in the yard and gets so mad when it's time to come inside!

And Brian took this pic at the park last week. It was a fun, family evening.

Big day tomorrow - it's a cousin birthday party and Declan is psyched! Happy Memorial Day!

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