Wednesday, October 21, 2009

(mostly) Pictures from yesterday

I feel like we have been stuck in the house for an entire season. Declan got sick the weekend of October 10th. I didn't take him ANYWHERE for an entire week. Not even to the grocery store. While we were sequestered, I let him wear his pajamas all day (he considers that a real treat) and let him watch waaayy too much tv. The five days (or so) when his throat was sore were the absolute worst. He got not sleep, and neither did I. Brian and I both got (mild) sore throats and poor Brendan has had a stuffy nose for a week now. Declan has been feeling better for several days now. It's October 21st and I guess his last day with a fever was a week ago. He went to preschool today and I'm praying that he has a good day. He was kind of anxious about it. He was pretending that he couldn't remember anybody's name (saying Pophia instead of Sophia, etc). When I dropped him off, I heard him tell his teacher that he still wasn't feeling very well, but I'm 99.9% sure that that was for sympathy only.
Anyway, it is actually kind of nice here today, weather-wise. It's 60-some degrees out and the sun is shining. Yesterday was similarly mild (although less sunny) and I managed to take the boys outside in the backyard after Brendan's nap. Here are some pics from yesterday:

You can kind of see in Brendan's face that he's still not feeling 100% himself:

I love watching my boys when they are together and exploring:

I like how you can see Brendan's little teeth in this shot:

Sooo serious:

A poppy:

Declan enjoying the swing: (he is restricted from lots of physical activity b/c of the mono. No soccer, no gymnastics, no playground equipment except swings. Mono can cause an enlarged spleen and if it is hit hard enough, it can rupture and kill you. fun stuff)

Love this shot of my hardy white roses underneath the already red/orange maple tree:

This is from two days ago. Brendan playing in Declan's room in the morning - our usual routine:

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