Thursday, October 15, 2009

Photos: Sep 22 thru October 3 (waaaay behind)

The boys were playing (separately) in Declan's room. I left (to get coffee) and when I came back, this was happening:

Right before going to Brian's 20th high school reunion (which was very fun, by the way)

Brendan gets a kick out of this orange construction hat and puts it on whenever he sees it:

At Richard's (and Tony's) birthday party: Brendan wasn't quite sure about going down the slide at first:

Tony got this cool remote controlled car for his 50th birthday and Brendan LOVED it!

And, you can tell this one is from September because Brendan was wearing shorts as he lounged and ate snacks:

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20Birds said...

i told you already that i thought the photo of you and brian was smokin'
i love the construction hat photos and looking good overall for a sick family! hope you keep getting healthier

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