Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas! (bits)

Just some Christmas tidbits before I forget them.

We spent a fabulous evening at Brian's mom's house last night. Christmas Eve with the traditional Tulley quiches, stuffed mushrooms and coffee cake. Every dish was made with either sour cream or bacon or BOTH! (Except for the fruit salad which I brought - instead of bacon, I made a nutty, crunchy topping for it with loads of butter and brown sugar - yum!)

Declan and Brendan had a great time opening presents reveling in the spotlight.

This morning, we opened presents, had OUR traditional Christmas breakfast of pancakes (blueberry) and sausages then hustled to get ready for mass. We go to the Cathedral downtown. It is a beautiful church and the ceremony is always lovely, but Brian likes it the most because it is soooo not-crowded. It's so uncrowded, that it's kind of sad. There were maybe a dozen cars in the parking lot. This is the CATHEDRAL of the archdiocese of Detroit. But it is in downtown Detroit, in a very bad neighborhood and the majority of parishioners go to the midnight mass, so 11am mass on Christmas day is very empty. We sat in the front row, despite being only two minutes early. (that is late for us!) Mass was lovely. Declan cried because they didn't take the children away for "Sunday School" like they did last year. But other than that, he was good. Brendan liked the echoing of the church so we spent a lot of time shushing him. And he in turn, spent a great deal of time telling everyone around us to "SIT!". He does not like when everyone is standing.

I got a new lens for my camera - hooray! And some camera books. Which leads me to my mistake of the day - I was fooling around with my camera and decided to "format" my CF card (not knowing what it did) and I discovered that what it does is delete all the photos on your card! AAUGH! All the pics from last night, this morning, GONE! So, my PC is trying to recover the photos with the help of a free download from CNET. Could take hours. I have to use my backup CF card at my grandma's house, which is a tiny card so I'm restricted to taking like 50 pictures - oh, the horror! :)

Oh, and a resolution in the making for 2010 - it involves exercise! I am finding that most of my clothes are too snug all of a sudden, so I need to start exercising again! Yikes!

Ok, now I need to wake up Brendan and get the gang over to my grandma's house for the Carlock celebration. Merry Christmas! Pictures to come!

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20Birds said...

oh melly i am so sorry for my delay in getting here, these photos are so wonderful. I love them they bring me so much joy, really... and i felt like i was there with you all,I felt the calm of the church, except of course for the cute baby telling people to sit. loved this post, despite my non commenting i have been thinking of you, praying for you Brian and the boyz. very grateful for you as a friend.

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