Sunday, December 27, 2009

Photos - finally!

These first few pics are not Christmas ones, but they are soo cute! Brendan enjoys his bubbles!

Now for some Christmas photos:

Declan - excited about going to his Grammy's house on Christmas Eve:

The whole fam:

(Brian is a little bitter that he doesn't own a green or red sweater - must remedy that before next year)

Just the boys in front of our tree: (wearing the hats, of course)

A quite moment...

At Grammy's house - cuteness!

Gabby and Zack with the boyz:

Declan and I checking out a book:

Gabby holds Brendan - he walked up to her and said: "Lap"

Grammy's friend made the boys some adorable scarves and we tried to get a picture of them together wearing them:

Our effort to get a family shot in front of Grammy's tree:

Kathy and Marc: (his first Christmas with us!)

On Christmas morning, we tried our best to get a nice family shot before church, but we were pretty rushed!

And here is a happy happy Declan:

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20Birds said...

i love the photo of the four of you where you are looking at brendan and brian is trying to look forward and at you two... i love it

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