Wednesday, December 9, 2009

November 1 - 12 th

Brendan in Brian's hat on the first day of November. I like this one b/c Brian took it (with the Elph, which I am not fond of) in the morning before I woke up. It was a fun little glimpse of their morning together.

This is what Brendan looks like when he is asked to say CHEESE:

It was an action figure day and Brendan had the pink Power Ranger:

Declan had GI Joe, although here he looks as though he is holding something quite foreign and unpleasant...

Brendan likes to get in boxes....

Down and UP:

This is not a great shot, but a great memory of Brendan's first time with PAINT! No finger paints for this guy, he jumped in with a brush with Declan and his watercolors!

Perhaps the mess is less distracting in Black and White?

Declan had his tongue out while painting, the concentration was immense:

More: (the room they were in is our NOOK - it is also my scrapbooking room)

Paint, paint, paint

Brian being sportsy with Brendan in the backyard - check out the tee - it went flying through the air:

Brendan retrieves the ball (which is more than our dogs will do)

This is great pic of the autumn trees/skyline as reflected in my neighbor's garden ball - I just love it!

Here are the photos that I want to share with you.

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20Birds said...

things that catch my eye... there is a tassel on brian's hat... your comment about the mess being less distracting in b/w, the garden ball photos is amazing... mostly i love the colors in the photos of brian and brendan... and dont take this wrong.. the dishevelment of the yard ... which i think is just the leaves scattered.... but it creates atmosphere and makes me feel like i am there...

These are a few of my favorite things...