Saturday, December 12, 2009

A layout for Jenni!

My friend, Beth, has 6 daughters, that's right six! And her oldest, Jenni, just turned 29! This layout is for Jenni. According to her mother, she likes puzzles, Chuck Norris and the color purple (among other things). I hope you like this Jenni!!

I met Beth in the digital scrapping world and she is sincerely inspiring to me. We are currently doing The Artist's Way together, which is kind of miraculous for me. I think one of Beth's gifts is to help other people bloom and shine. She is a precious example of "leading by example". She is most certainly one of the people in my life that I try to emulate: her faith, her craftiness, her industriousness, her artistry, and of course, her parenting. Love you Bethy!


20Birds said...

JEnni loves this she feels like they have met being so close in the layout and all

Melinda said...

Great layout!!! I love the diamond accents!! :)

Thanks for doing this. and your words about my mom are true and kind. Makes me smile to hear someone else say them! :)

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