Monday, April 19, 2010


I finally met Julia last weekend. Julia is my friend Dana's baby and she turned one on April 1st - the same day that my Declan turned five! Dana is a friend from a parenting group that we joined when our first children (Andy for her, Declan for me) were just a few months old. We shared the joys and frustrations of first-time parenthood.

Julia is a beautiful little girl. She is petite and so sweet. I loved holding her and so did Brian. His hands are the ones holding her in the other picture. She looks so tiny in his hands!

We were blessed to finally get together again with Brad, Dana, Andy and Julia (for the first time!) for Andy's fifth birthday party on Saturday and then again for Declan's fifth birthday party on Sunday.

I have loads more to post and write about, but for now, I must go to bed. Declan is sick and has to see the Dr. tomorrow. We are both NOT looking forward to it.
(and the, um, credits - Quickpage by Heaven's Gate Designs at scrapartist)


20Birds said...

Holy Cow, that is gorgeous and she is stunning and you are look pretty good yourself... I am in love ... i pray for her too all the time too... Julia. Print it frame it add a prima hybrid flower or seven of them to the crackled frame and then do it again. Give one to Julia's family. Display this gorgeous creation of God's. (All the credits on those hybrid versions go straight to the one great Creator.

Angie said...

She is absolutely beautiful -- and the layout is gorgeous!!!

These are a few of my favorite things...